“Four Questions,” Poetry Slam Israel Collection (print) forthcoming

“Make a Name,” Mom Egg Review, September 11, 2016.

“Room, Mountain, House,” Room/Mount/House by artist Shasha Dothan under the auspices of Under the Mountain Festival #4, August 2015.

“Just another Poem about Jerusalem,” Arc, The Israel Association of Writers in English: Tel Aviv, 2015, pg. 46. (print)

“We are the Music Makers,” released January 1, 2015, Markey Funk, Agitação Popular, lyrics and narration.

“Dareen,” & “Tom” מרחב الفضاء Space Poetry Magazine, Issue 3, August 2013 (print)

 “Amphitrite, The Third One Who Encircles,” Winter Solstice 2012. 

Ants,” Featured Guest Poem on Flashlight City Blues Rant Poetry Competition

“No Name” Yes, Poetry Volume 2, Issue 11: November 2011.

“Bread, Water & Gas,” The Ilanot Review (Bar Ilan University), Volume 2, Number 3, Autumn 2011.



“Little Jerusalem,” Aster(ix) forthcoming

“Fiction,” The Ilanot Review, Volume 13, Fall 2016.

“Not on the Map (class notes on place),” Duende, Issue 3, Fall 2015

Nestuary by Molly Sutton Kiefer,” Entropy Magazine, May 18, 2015 (Book Review)

“Multicultural as the New Multiracial,” Mixed Race 3.0: Risk and Reward in the Digital Age, 2015      (ebook)

“The Babel in Us,” מרחב الفضاء Space Poetry Magazine, Issue 3, August 2013 (print)


Radio Interviews

2015      Zara Medugu, The Mosaic 9.5.2015, IDC International Radio, Tel Aviv, May, 9, 2015

2014      Ilene Prusher, “Babbling Towards Baghdad,” Let’s Get Lit TLV1 FM, Tel Aviv, June 26, 2014


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