(Originally “Just Say No to Dress Code”)

I Love Color!

I Love Color!

Someone asked me once why I feel the need to decorate myself so. He said some people adorn themselves to hide insecurities. I didn’t have an answer that day. I just said because I like it. But I thought about it and got back to him because I knew if I ever were insecure, it was when I wasn’t dressing this way but trying to fit in with the crowd. I wanted to but I knew I would get laughed at. Later, I had the perfect comeback. I answered “Does anyone ask why a painter doesn’t just leave the canvas blank? Or why a poet writes on the page?”

I am my canvas.

I’ve been waiting my entire life to dress like this. Matching patterns over colors or colors but ignoring patterns, rediscovering who I am each morning.

I want to share that freedom with you.

This is the Rainbow Connection.


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  1. Hi, I know this is section is a work in progress, but the title is very intriguing. I am against dress codes, although I am aware they have to be enforced in certain occupations. I believe one should be free to be themselves by expressing their creativity, individuality and personality through their clothing and hair. I look forward to reading your post for this section once it has evolved.

    Keep up all that creative energy you got going on! Please visit my blog whatcherylsaid…for a dose of inspiration or motivation when needed.

    Stay true to yourself!

    • Thanks, Cheryl! I’ll be posting pics soon of my ‘out of the box’ style in hopes that it frees others to break out too! I look forward to your feedback. Thanks for visiting!

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