Israel Poetry Slam| Avram Bar, Jerusalem| May 2013

My first poetry slam. Here’s to the “Future Perfect”

Israel Poetry Slam| Beit Mazia Theater, Jerusalem| June 26, 2013| Winner of the Night!

My second poetry slam. I can’t believe it but I won! Below are the 3 poems that brought me there.

“Babili/Home” (I apologize for the poor sound quality of the video. Here is the same poem from Poets of Babel with better sound.)

“Future Perfect” (same as this first one but this time it carried me to the final round)

“Mother” (I was so unprepared to win that, yes, I actually read this poem from my phone. But it was a personal one that I felt I’d only have permission to share if I ever did win. It is a response to/inspired by Sarah Kay’s “If I Should Have a Daughter”)

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