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Shoshana is a multidisciplinary artist, American-born, based in Jerusalem. Creator of Poets of Babel, a multilingual poetry club, she explores hybrid identity and ideas of home through poetry, lyric essay, spoken word performances, and collages. She belly dances, teaches writing, and has recently completed The Shaindy Rudoff Creative Writing Graduate Program in Creative Writing.

A lover of languages, she speaks Hebrew, French, and Russian, and has studied Spanish, Korean and Arabic just for kicks ( but the truth is she can’t remember the last three languages save a few phrases). She established  Poets of Babel as a sneaky way to combine her two greatest loves: languages and poetry.

She holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but for some illogical reason decided to go back to school. She told everyone that she’d get a teaching certificate in theater (because she’s also into improv), but then ended up studying poetry. She’ll properly study psychodrama, script writing, directing and photography and mix it all up like the mosaic/collage/Babel that she is. For now she’s basket weaving every other Friday.

Her works appear in Entropy, DuendeThe Ilanot Review, Yes Poetry, in the 2012 winter edition of Eternal Haunted Summer, in the August 2013 issue of מרחב الفضاء space, and Mixed Race 3.0: Risk and Reward in the Digital Age. She also has interviews on TLV1’s “Let’s Get Lit” “Babbling towards Baghdad”  and on ICD International Radio’s “Mosaic.”

She directed a documentary about stereotypes in Israel and has six poetry journals (that are in her treasure box) since she started writing over 16 years ago. She is obsessed with maps, clocks, compasses, lampposts, and the Tower of Babel while simultaneously having issues with time, directions, and a proud case of Jerusalem syndrome.

See her publications , spoken word performances and videos from Poets of Babel events on her YouTube channel (ShoshanaSarahLJ).

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  1. Hi Zilpah! I’m glad you enjoy my blog; it means a lot coming from you! I hope you get the chance to catch up on the later posts. I’d love to hear your feedback. Visit any time!

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